Full scale Email migration for EDP – How Tech OP can bring you into the cloud!

In 2016 Tech OP were approached by local company The Environmental Dimension Partnership (EDP) about upgrading their email server to the cloud. Here's how we upgraded their systems to Microsoft 365.


Prisoner Escort Software for Broadspectrum – Tech OP go Down Under

In 2015 Tech OP were contracted by the Australian facilities management company Broadspectrum to write software for a $258 million prisoner contract they had just won with the Western Australian government. The contract meant that Broadspectrum would now run all of Western Australia's court security and custodial services, meaning they needed a system for not only organising these services, but a system that would ensure these services run efficiently and to the highest standard possible.

Some Lessons we can all learn from the Russian hacking of the 2016 US Election

This Sunday the Cheltenham literature festival welcomed Hillary Clinton, one of the most famous and influential faces to ever appear at the yearly event, to talk about her new book "What Happened". During a 90 minute q&a, the former US Secretary of State spoke about a variety of political topics, as well as last years failed election bid, and one issue she was especially frank on, were the allegations that Russia had used state sponsored computer hackers to influence the election. But what actually are these allegations? How did the Russian’s hack Clinton’s campaign? And what impact does that have on me?

The Rise and Rise of Ransomware and the Dark Web – Editorial 3

The 3rd of Simon Leonard's editorials, a look at the Darkweb and how it can affect your business. Have any of you reading this heard of the Darkweb? Of those that have, do you actually know what it is? It sounds shady, mysterious; a dark corner of the internet where few dare to tread! The Darkweb often features as the theme for dramatic films and TV series famed for its notoriety as a hotbed of illegal activity, inciting both fear and fascination in equal measures. Far from being a separate universe, however, in reality we are far more interconnected with this mysterious “underworld” than we realise.   So, is this often publicised, but little discussed corner of the internet of any interest to you or your business? It should be.